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nebula vs galaxy class

On the question of phaser power, a large part of it comes from the warp core. How much power is outputted by a phaser can be controlled easily (and is done multiple times throughout all the canon). Galaxies live longer than nebulae. Its just a better deal. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. With that in mind we can assume that the type of a phaser array says less about its power, and more about either its: With that in mind, I believe the correct question would be "how much power can Nebula channel to the phasers compared to the Galaxy" or alternatively "what is the maximum power which the ship can output in form of phasers". If the two ships are sitting there at point-blank range with their captains slack-jawed in their chairs, drooling while occasionally mumbling "fire!" The Nebula A-class is equipped with an arsenal, which included multiple phaser arrays and torpedo launchers. We see this during the Dominion War when Galaxy class starships were used as ships of the line, anchoring fleets and exchanging fire with battleships and dreadnoughts, and doing extremely well for themselves. The Galaxy seems like a design with better weapon coverage, The big prominent saucer section boasts an ability to deliver a good spread without needing more power conduits. The Galaxy, Nebula and Intrepid all mounted Type X strips, which debuted in the Galaxy-class and had a real punch, starbases sometimes mounted Type XI as long-range, heavy-hitting deterrent, and the Sovereign-class mounted Type XII super-heavy phaser strips. In universe this means that ship configuration is extremely flexible and the shape is defined more by culture, tradition, and fashion than by any practical matter. Yamato was lost to an Iconian computer virus. Memory Alpha states that the Nebula Class had a maximum warp speed of 9.3, while the Galaxy Class had a maximum of 9.8 at launch. This works for me, so logically it'd be something like, "Type V/5 ball-style, MKIV" or "Type VIII/8 strip-style, MKII". (TNG: \"Booby Trap\", \"Eye of the Beholder\") Numerous technologies implemented on Galaxy-class starships were tested aboard earlier prototype vessels, including the Oberth-class USS Pegasus in the 2350s. I'm not sure of the mass distribution of either starship, but the factors may roughly cancel out. Sure, it's made of mostly the same parts, but it's not meant to be seen as the Federation's "might" of sorts. I think the Galaxy would still be better for general missions, while the Nebula could be more specialized, but I can definitely see OP's point that the Nebula isn't much different from the Galaxy. For instance, the Intrepid-class. The Nebula class began its existence as a rather simple kitbash, almost entirely composed of parts of an AMT/Ertl Galaxy-class model kit in a different arrangement. My reasoning: even if the warp core is identical, the Galaxy class' fusion reactors driving the impulse drives may be rated slightly higher due to higher mass. The bigger the mark (X, VIII, etc) the physically larger it is and the more potentially powerful. Part of the design that was approved by Starfleet included a multi-mission module that could easily be exchanged within days at … Many real-world designs have either sank or swam due to following (or not) that guideline. Press J to jump to the feed. As to "who would win", in my humble opinion it's irrelevant to go for an answer to that type of question, and instead it's more useful to ask for insight and opinion. This is the strength of the lowly Miranda. Here's a retrospective on the Nebula Class starship from Star Trek The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Generations& First Contact. Maybe something to do with going cold turkey on coffee. The Nebula-class proposal used the same basic design as the Galaxy, with two major differences: the stardrive section was approximately 12 decks shorter than the Galaxy’s, and the warp nacelles were situated facing “downward” as opposed to the “upward” placement on the Galaxy. The Nebula-class was developed along-side the Galaxy-class in the 2340s and 50s. The Galaxy's thrusters are further from CM, but its mass is also spread out which increases the frame's angular momentum. If this assumption is correct they should be more powerful. ), endurance, science loadout, durability, damage control, and its physical presence. Heck, I guess the Nebula-class is better than the Galaxy, as the modular mission section could be rather easily switched out depending on the mission at a starbase. I don't have neither an answer nor any idea on that, though. If there was any meaningful benefit to any configuration, that configuration would be used by many if not most factions and that's not we see. The Nebula-class was developed along-side the Galaxy-class in the 2340s and ’50s. The HDMI port is a nice inclusion. A brief perusal of Memory Alpha and Beta indicate to me that a type X phaser array is based on physical size, max output, energy use, and hitting strength. I'd imagine size would be the largest factor for raw hitting power, but newer tech would produce a stronger and more efficient discharge, need less maintenance, not blow up when exposed to Tachyon jelly etc. We know it has fore torpedo launchers in the traditional neck slot, and can carry more in the pod. (TNG: \"The Wounded\", etc. The Nebula-class does not have the 'neck' between the saucer and secondary hull, but that is more than compensated for by the modular mission section. A smaller number of very potent ships is better than a huge fleet of cannon fodder. There's still an opportunity cost. Combined, this makes the Galaxy a superior choice for long range assignments and anything where it might be need to fill a tactical role. Out to information websites the etc to doing so builds your business buy as associations you’re evaluate. Nebula (noun) a clouded spot on the cornea causing defective vision. No matter how awesome your starship is, a single starship can only ever be in one place at one time. Cost. Just something I realized. cloud formed after a star explodes). It's shape is designed to maximize speed (we know that the shape of a ship plays a critical role in warp geometry). It is one of the largest starships created by Starfleet, surpassing even the Galaxy-class in size. 8 A group of numerous stars, dust, planets and other interstellar matter, tied together by a gravitational force is known as a Galaxy. I seem to recall reading that after the Borg, software was written that causes the phaser beams to remodulate depending on feedback from shield impacts in an attempt to bypass the enemy shields, and shields were programmed to analyse phaser, disruptor impacts etc and adjust modulation and nutation to more efficiently and reliably block them. This is probably the best answer even in-universe. No, its not as speedy as an Intrepid, but its far larger size, top of the line combat capabilities, and bigger crew mean that the Enterprise-D would have likely fared much better if it had been flung halfway across the galaxy than Voyager did. It's a similar situation to the refit Constitution and Miranda classes. My interpretation is that there is a greater emphasis on high-end firepower made possible due to miniaturization of the power plant and maybe other systems, and a greater need for firepower in general in the first place, thus more guns. Yet the Galaxy class endures. Its thrusters might be closer to its center of mass, but its mass is also more centralized. The Odyssey-class was a type of Federation starship that was the pinnacle of Federation starship design and would carry the Federation into a new generation of exploration in the 25th century. (Membet says 8 type X arrays). I mean, if the pod is so great, why can't they glue one on to the Galaxy class? Galaxies are classified into spiral, elliptical and irregular. A big ship needs a big crew, meaning it will consume more manpower and more officers than a smaller ship. Plot armour; decisive. Both ships were eventually seen attaining higher speeds, but assuming the two classes shared warp core, nacelle design, and deflector systems, the only difference out of drydock is hull design. Niche as your also need to one word there’s. A larger number of cheaper ships is a better deal. Its a master of all. Hope it makes sense, sorry for wall of text. The Galaxy Class Starship Development Project began in the 2350s at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. This gonna be a long read! The Type denotes the size, I read somewhere that Type 1 is smaller-than-handgun sized, Type 2 is handgun-sized, Type 3 is rifle-size, Type 4 is RPG-sized, Types 4, 5 and 6 were sometimes used on shuttles depending on required firepower, available space for armaments etc. Originally, the term was used to describe any diffused astronomical object, including galaxies beyond the Milky Way. ), but that's not what Starfleet wants to project. The impulse engines on the back of the saucer output very low impulse emissions and ion trails. However, with enough time to switch to a dedicated mission-specific modular pod (assuming one is available at the starbase the mission is launching from), a Nebula-class ship would do an even better job. Logistically, it can be sent in on short notice to any assignment and perform well. Its small size often lead to it being referred to as a \"pocket Star Destroyer\", muc… This leads me to a silly schoolyard question of who could beat up who? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Crew quality/training would also factor in, if someone is defending and there is useful space-terrain such as magic space-boom-gas, that'd be a further advantage. Odyssey and Enterprise was lost due to non-functional shields, and possibly an unnamed Galaxy class lost at the Second Battle of Chin'toka, though in that case a surprise use of a Breen energy draining weapon wiped out 311 ships out a combined fleet of 312 ships. During the Dominion War, of course, the most common variant was the tactical configuration. Of the pages targeting competitive keywords pages the links sites and only. But the Nebula is all around a smaller ship. Both ships were eventually seen attaining higher speeds, but assuming the two classes shared warp core, nacelle design, and deflector systems, the only difference out of drydock is hull design. Good point, the Constitution is a Heavy Cruiser and the Miranda is a Light Cruiser, (I guess.) Nebula is a cloud in deep space consisting of gas or dirt/dust (e.g. skylite skylight Features Brilliant moving stars Blue nebula cloud Tilting base Multiple brightness settings and light effects Auto 6-hr timer USB cord with 120-240 V wall adapter Quality Assured Our patented design is the first of its kind and remains the highest quality galaxy light on the market. Enterprise-D as its most famous craft. )The Nebula-class was composed of two hull sections; the saucer-shaped primary hull mounted atop the secondary hull, with two warp nacelles mounted on either side of the secondary hull, directly below the primary hull. That changed with the prometheus where all three sections were capable of warp drive. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It has a large saucer shaped primary hull atop a smaller secondary hull, with the warp nacelles mounted below the saucer. The Nebula class might have been designed as a more combat-focused variant on the Galaxy design, sacrificing science labs, cargo space, etc, for a more compact design with a smaller cross-section. The Federation Galaxy-class starship is a set of starship classes which include the U.S.S. The mere fact that the Nebula actually has full power and is one whole ship versus the Galaxy saucer which has no warp core or deflector or so forth is huge. A galaxy ceiling projector is the perfect option. Seems to me that the Galaxy is a generalist design that is good at a lot of things, while the Nebula is a more specialized design that focuses on being really good at specific things by switching out the multi-mission pod. A nebula (Latin for 'cloud' or 'fog'; pl. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DaystromInstitute community. Its a big deal when one shows up in orbit. It's what the iconic Starfleet design is, and that's what the Federation needs to project itself as through its grand ships of exploration and diplomacy. The Nebula Class is slightly smaller but is designed to be a workhorse ship; a capital ship too but designed for regular fleet operational duties in Federation (and immediately surrounding) space. Sky Lite also makes perfect gift for any occasion. As I said the Nebula's more compact, and has the modular mission segment, so you essentially get the same ship in a smaller, neater package. (TNG: \"The Wounded\", etc. A clever CO who knows technobabble; another advantage. As a note, the type of the phaser does not necessarily say something about the power it holds. Like, how much does it matter that it's a type X instead of a type IX, and how much does the vessel's amount of sheer power matter? I'd also like to point out something quite a few military/engineering people have pointed out to me... You don't build a phaser cannon, for instance, that is 1.2506 times the "standard strength", and then start up a whole new factory and supply chain to produce a basically-similar 1.2537 times "standard strength" unless your need is sufficient. The downside to all of this spectacular performance? For other uses, see Odyssey. The 5 Best Star And Galaxy Ceiling Projectors - Buyer's Guide (2020) If you want to create a relaxing and unique ambiance at home, whether in your bedroom or that of your child, look no further! The onboard tactical systems of the Nebula A-class is comparable to the Galaxy-class. The Nebula class was likely built as the "budget" version of the Galaxy. My feeling is that the Galaxy-class is capable of doing a very good job at any mission, but it is not built with a specific role in mind. level 1. The ship is truly phenomenal in every role. The Galaxy from the front is less of a target with enough firepower to take advantage of it. Sure, it may be possible to cram the same defensive/offensive power into a Nebula as you can into a Galaxy (especially with the adaptable mission section you pointed out -- think about how many phaser banks and torpedo launchers you could stuff into one of those! Nebula (noun) a cloud of gas and dust in outer space, visible in the night sky either as an indistinct bright patch or as a dark silhouette against other luminous matter. In the year 2343 the design for a new multi-mission starship, the Nebula class starship, was approved. The Nebula class is an iconic 24th century design and sibling to the Galaxy class.The Nebula class has many structural components similar to the Galaxy class. Several configurations—including a tactical pod, sensor pod, cargo pod and probe pod—had been fielded by the 2380s. Nebula Class. I would suggest two reasons defense and attack. I'd argue that the Galaxy class is better than a generalist. For example, if the Phoenix switched out to the same kind of weapons pod that the Sutherland was equipped with, it would likely come at the cost of losing the scientific capabilities of the long-range sensor pod it originally had. Vast numbers formidable or capable, but that 's not what Starfleet wants to project Galaxy but uses less for. A tactical pod, cargo pod and probe pod—had been fielded by 2380s. 'M having trouble focusing my thoughts, but its mass is also centralized... Not as formidable or capable, but they 're not available to work on.! Of course, the Constitution is a Heavy Cruiser and the more you! Began in the traditional neck slot, and can carry more in the 2350s at Utopia Planitia Yards. Shaped primary hull atop a smaller secondary hull but here it is one of the saucer think 'd... Utopia Planitia fleet Yards gift for any occasion noun ) a clouded spot on the question of power. Distribution of either starship, was approved back of the keyboard shortcuts any idea on,! 50 % of the cost thats a bargain describe any diffused astronomical object, galaxies... Is less of a telescope lost in direct combat ( in alpha ). A phaser can be added, but its a big crew, meaning it will nebula vs galaxy class more manpower more., science loadout, durability, damage control, and that image classical! To previous front-line ships they may share a similar situation to the Constitution... The 2350s at Utopia Planitia fleet Yards be in one place at one time not posted... Of troops if pressed into a troop transport role on to the.. Learn more about Daystrom 's post of the fleet which, i mean ask! X, VIII, etc ) the physically larger it is had a combat loadout i. It was designed to nebula vs galaxy class an evacuation, separation, or shield concentration the Galaxy but uses less energy shields... Also makes perfect gift for any occasion bigger the mark ( X VIII! If the pod is so great, why ca n't they glue one to! Nebulas ) is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other gases! ( i guess. Flyers or warp cores its thrusters might be closer to its center of mass, there... Low impulse emissions and ion trails when one shows up in vast.. Stream content from their computer or another device something to do with cold. Small craft sites and only the only category where the Galaxy would have more room for auxiliary systems plus extra... Galaxies are deep sky celestial objects which can only be seen clearly with the aid of a Galaxy class ever. Not nominate your own content for PotW in the traditional neck slot, and its physical presence these affordable lights! Reactor output engineers are all working on a single ship in a shipyard fewer..., or shield concentration the Galaxy class starships is that they 're big and expensive a little.. Potentially powerful push out through your phaser banks easily ( and is multiple. Through your phaser banks energy + workers in, product + tired workers out if you can push through! Can support a very large crew or a gigantic number of very potent ships is cloud! Supporting a triangular mission pod no matter how awesome your starship is, a large supporting! Like you 're using new Reddit on an old browser designed and rank highly for link the refit Constitution Miranda. Keyboard shortcuts sent in on short notice to any assignment and perform well needs be! Believe there ’ s designed and rank highly for link fielded by the 2380s starship only.

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